My Psychological Tower
I'm just a kitty with strong magic. And I'm the only cat who knows where it's at.

Band nerd- Euphonium, tuba, trombone. Ohio University Marching 110. Former Boy Scout. Brother of Kappa Kappa Psi.

I post about whatever I feel, anime, Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, politics, band, DCI, cats, etc etc

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Snow Day

Thats what today was, the first one of the year. We were told it would be coming, and several times I had told myself to make plans for monday, but I never got around to it.

At 5:44 this morning I woke up, feeling oddly rested. Just what I need for a Monday, especially the Monday that we’re delivering speeches in English class. I’m slated to go second, so I was completely confident that everything would go well today.

Then I was told to go back to bed. It’s a good thing to hear at quarter to 6. That’s when my room is warmest and my bed is most comfortable. I was already telling myself to at least try to get out and do something. Maybe watch a movie with a friend, I have time and enough money, why the hell not?

At around 10 I was woken up again, not as late as I wanted, but I felt much more refreshed than already. Getting on Facebook after breakfast, I spotted who my victom would be. The IM convo got thrown off because she was spazzing about a sock. I will never caese to be amazed at some people. My mission was never completed and I’m stuck here all day now, or at least so far. If she gets back online I could arrange something, but it’s not all that likely.

So, my usual computer is STILL down, this one is kinda slow, making it harder to do stuff like watch videos. I’ve been dying od anime withdrawl for the longest, hopefully I can fix that once this Soul Eater episode loads.

At the least, I learned that it might be benificial to keep basic plans for snow days. Next time one comes around I’ll be much more prepared to get plans into action. 

Pep band (post 375 ^.^)

I was just at an awesome game. Awesome as in a bunch of awesome people in the band showed up for pep band. My bro Robin, this girl who was in Austria for the past 6 months, my former section leader, my other bro.. people were missing -GLARES- but that’s their loss. We got to partake in those awesome conversations that band kids have, get some awesome food, play music, what band kids love to do. I also met this kid I met briefly at this band festival, he’s coming to my school next semester, he says he makes beats. hmmmm.

Around 3rd quarter, our director forced the band to leave, she says it’s cause of time constraints, but really, the situation was getting tense. This game was talked about. For months, apparently. This HS and the away HS are the type to fight. And I mean FIGHT. Not school rivalries, but people gonna get arrested and seriously hurt. When we were forced to leave the school, this cop forced us back in. Then we got forced back out, then our director tried to force us off school property. Butch, it’s cold, and our parents aren’t here. This could easily become a dangerous situation.

Me and my little brother got into my Dad’s car right before this giant crowd of people showed up. I took my horn home, forgot my damn concert folder. I’ll spend all my practicing focusing on my solo, contest is next month. I get on Facebook upon getting home, see a status about shooting goin on at the game. I hope sousaphones are bulletproof, cause if they are, I’m switching pretty quickly.

I’m getting news on what happened next at the moment.

I got a story to tell you, we almost died -Older bro.

After I left, a car pulled up to where all the band kids were, Doors open, music blasting. They came out, beat a random dude’s ass. Another car pulled up and attacked the first car, a third car pulled by slow as ever, window rolled down. Someone stuck their hand out the window, actin like they were gonna shoot. Cops swarmed the area, accused my band family who stuck together as a combined effot of being a gang, said they’d arrest them one at a time. They all got home safe, as far as I know. My friends that didn’t go to the game, I’m really glad they stayed home, I don’t know how they would fare in this kind of situation, especially after more and more people leave. I can get overprotective of those that I love, this is no exception.


The rules of the Band Room.


The rules of the Band Room.

I made a rap for my history class. Covering Great Depression and World War 2.


Finally. The graduation tests are over. We don’t get results until June, but I know I passed them all. And by passed, I mean did an epic job. 42% is the number that separates “basic” level with “proficient,” and determines if you graduate.

I’d say I got 80-100 percent.

Weird thing about one of the tests, the math one, if I remember correctly. I finished with at least 1.5 hours left, so I fell asleep. I started feeling a weird sensation, as if somebody was lightly braiding my hair. A quick glance proved that nobody was there, yet I still felt it. Soon afterwords, it felt like somebody behind me was trying to remove my ID lanyard. I sit in front of a wall…

Draw your own conclusions from that.

In English class, the last period of OGT week, we got a really nice speech. Our class (of 2013) was the best class in teach’s memory. We attacked the tests in a way apparently never seen before, with a seriousness and determination. We were told it was the trend to really half- ass the tests, with people sleeping right through them and even skipping. We didn’t have to be begged to give it our best effort, no students had to have a pencil forced into his or her hand. Nobody did two questions, declared “I know this” just to pass out.

Now, we were effectively bribed with these tests. Teachers gave out hella mints and candy, and every day x students would win $25 dollars for completing the tests. There’s also a $100+ drawing for perfect attendance. Somebody said “They shoulda gave the other classes something for OGTs”

They did, diplomas.

There was also supposed teamwork in the tests, not cheating, but stuff like if someone dozes off halfway through, a peer would wake them and offer a mint. Come to think of it, I gave out a lot of gum myself, yet still managed to make the pack of Strident 2.0 last all week.

Really, being told that our teachers are proud of us really felt great, this weekend of not doing shit is well deserved.

I also like how people really were nice to me today, my asthma has been through the roof, random outbursts of coughing, feeling awfully hot. I really hoped I didn’t disrupt too many concentrating people, but I really appreciate the “you can get a drink of water if you need it.” and the “here man, you can have this is you want it -hands a twix and a mint-” and the “get better”s.

Good day at school? Hell yea.

I swear I’m gonna get addicted to mints.

Drove to school today..

Nothing really all that special, just my first time doing so. I practiced the rout a few million times on Saturday, the real thing is a bit different.

Didn’t hit any pedestrians, that could be seen as good and bad, if you ever went to EHS you know what I mean

Observation while studying for vocab test for English class.

I’m a Spanish student, level 3 as a Sophomore. I’d be taking AP Spanish next year (college credit) if I had room in my Jr Schedule…

We have vocab tests all the time in Spanish. As a linguist, a vocab test in my native language is easy as fuck. Even if some of the words are old, deep- South slang, might as well stamp the A on my paper right now.

Dialouge from 7th period Sophomore Honors English

  • PA : -Announcement on the PA that nobody listened to-
  • Student: What?
  • Teacher: .....I think they just said "The cavalry will ride."
  • Me: O.o
  • I guess ROTC bought horses?

A status that I didn’t publish.

Dear Bibliography,

I hate you with a passion. If there is a word document equivalent of a broken condom, you are it. You are an attention whore, and I had absolutely no time to do the rest of my English homework because I had to argue with you about how you should be typed. You are ungrateful to the fact that I crated you, and you disgust me. Now go and fuck yourself with a knife.

This has been an angry message from Bob. Return to your regularly scheduled Facebooking. ^.^


Submitted by Hippiekidwashere
[Picture: Background~ a six piece pie style colour split, alternating   yellow and black. Foreground~ a picture of a hyena. Top text: “{DIDN’T DO HOMEWORK}.” Bottom text: “{COPY FRIEND’S AND LOOK LIKE YOU GAVE IN THE EFFORT TO DO IT YOURSELF}.”]


Submitted by Hippiekidwashere

[Picture: Background~ a six piece pie style colour split, alternating yellow and black. Foreground~ a picture of a hyena. Top text: “{DIDN’T DO HOMEWORK}.” Bottom text: “{COPY FRIEND’S AND LOOK LIKE YOU GAVE IN THE EFFORT TO DO IT YOURSELF}.”]