So the last day of classes is OVER! FUCK YES



But I must say- people were ratchet as hell. A hundred or so people did a walk out 7th period.

Cops came, you’d just see a crowd running. And once they left, they had nowhere to go.


So after school, I got my trombone, started walking. Saw this firetruck pull up to where some cops cars were (in my regular path), some guy was on the ground. O.O

Sorta ran with all my stuff to Dunkin Donuts, Robin and his sax buddy from college picked me up. We drive to this white neighborhood with this big white school. Well shit.

We get onstage and their jazz club is already kinda jamin. Two impressive (read: IMPRESSIVE) trumpets, tuba, bass/piano, and piano/mallets/percussion.

We’re playin a Stevie Wonder chart, Brooklyn (Yup, Youngblood Brass), All of the Lights (Something I already know! Oh, wait, I’m playing the bassline? oh…), and we’re gonna play a few more to be arranged by next week.

For those who didn’t get the message yesterday, WE’RE PLAYING AT THE ROCK HALL and this is just epic and I’m excited.

Dinner is in the oven, I’m going to lessons after this.